Build Up System


  • Pallet to clean before loading
  • Plastic sheet to be spread out before loading
  • Pallet to place on dolley
  • Cargo to be arrange following arrow - up label, heavy and big
  • cargo to be place at the bottom and light to load on the top
  • Maximize pallet as airline requirement
  • Two plastic sheet to be use for closing pallet, strapping around
  • pallets / container before netting
  • Netting last part of palletizing, ensure netting are ring and tight to avoid collapse or out of contour (especially main deck pallets)
  • Label pallet and mark flight no and date.


  • Container to be clean before loading
  • Plastic sheet to spread out before loading
  • Container to place on floor or pallet sleeve
  • Heavy cargo will be place at container floor and top with light and smaller dimension cargo
  • Maximise container as to airline requirement
  • Plastic sheet to warp, around container and if hole detected, it will be seal by plastics strapping
  • Container door to be close and lock during submission
  • Container label and mark with flight no and date.